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Why choose Roughcasting Glasgow?

Roughcasting Glasgow provide an honest, transparent service with some of the most competitive roughcast prices per square metre in Clarkston, Glasgow & East Renfrewshire.

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Fully insured roughcasters with a proven track record!

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Fully Insured Professional Roughcasters

We have a well established team of qualified roughcasters who are employed directly by us and are all full trained and experienced men who have tenure.

Our company has full public liability insurance and has a proven track record working on fairly large commercial contracts. We have installed new roughcasting for councils and housing associations in the Glasgow, Dunbartonshire, Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire and Lanarkshire areas.

Highest Quality Materials

All of our roughcast, pebble dash and harling mix materials are bought from the same preferred local supplier in Lanarkshire, we have another building supplies company in place to ensure there are no issues with our primary supplier.

Using high quality materials such as high grade sand, cement, gravel, shells & pebbles, lime aggregate, premium mortar mix and following the correct procedure when mixing and allowing optimum is crucial to successfully roughcast a house.

You will have some of the best roughcast and rendering installers in Clarkston, Glasgow and Central Scotland working on your home. Roughcasters are only as good as the materials they are using, if you apply cheap low-grade materials you are going to encounter problems.

We always use the same high-quality materials to ensure your new roughcast will stand the test of time against the harshest weather conditions.

Attention to Detail

On every job we ensure your quote includes all repair and extensive preparation work so your homes roughcast is applied 100% correctly. Cutting corners when installing roughcast is ill advised and can lead to issues such as water ingress, spalling or visible cracks with parts falling off.


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Roughcasting Services We Offer

Roughcasting Glasgow offer every single aspect of roughcasting, pebble dashing and harling services that there is. Whether you need a full replacement roughcast render or some patchwork repair to certain sections of your property we can help. Please allow a little more time for roughcast repair and smaller odd jobs as we have to ensure all large commitments and projects have our full attention to maintain standards and to meet agreed deadlines with all customers.

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Click the link above to read our page about what roughasting is, it's benefits for protecting homes in Clarkston, Glasgow and across Scotland and other interesting facts.

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Click the link above for more information on our roughcast repair service, re-roughcasting and smaller odd jobs to other areas of your home such as garden walls, garages and extensions. Smaller roughcast jobs and repairs are only available locally in Clarkston, Glasgow, certain parts of Lanarkshire, and each job will be considered on a case by case basis.

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Follow the link above to find out what the difference is between roughcast render, harling and pebble dashing. Although the differences are subtle, roughcast, pebble dash and a lime harling all have their own purpose. Often the main difference is local dialect and culture. In Glasgow most people say roughcast, on the east coast of Scotland & further north it's often called harling, with most of England describing it as pebble dashing.

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