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Roofing and Roughcasting Glasgow

Are you looking to buy a new roof and roughcast? We realise this is quite a large investment and it is crucial to have it done well in order to offer maximum protection for your home. In the UK and especially in Glasgow and Scotland, roofs and walls should be able to withstand strong winds, heavy snowfall and rain. This is where your homes roof and roughcast does their job. Roughcast is a traditional type of render that delivers protection to your walls and roof against changing climatic conditions while also retaining the aesthetics of the structure. Roughcast typically comprises a crushed aggregate of lime, cement, sand, small gravels, pebbles, and shells.

Types of New Roof

There are mainly two types of roof prevalent around Glasgow: flat roof and pitched roof. Both come with their own set of advantages but the main factor to consider while choosing the type is the budget. Flat roofs are usually inexpensive and therefore are the most preferred type of roofing. Once the choice is made, you might want to consider the material for your new roof.

There are various options to choose from when it comes to materials for roofing. The material you choose should be suitable for your geographical location and its weather conditions. Some of the available options are:

*Metal (Aluminium)

*Slate Tiles

*Flat Asphalt

*Plastic Polymer

*Clay Tiles

*Concrete Tiles

*EPDM Rubber

Types of Roughcasting and Render

Roughcast was originally crafted as a coating on stone walls to protect them against extreme and harsh Scottish weather. Although roughcasting does not have different types with different constituents, it does have a variation called pebbledash. Pebbledash and roughcast are often used interchangeably, but they are quite different in terms of application.

A lime mortar mixed with tiny stones is then coated on the wall to create a rough and textured finish in roughcast. Whereas in pebbledash, the lime mortar mix is applied to the wall and then pebbles are thrown on top of the mortar. This technique, therefore, allows for a coarser finish with a more colourful appeal.

Further down the page are a list of options including acrylic render, scratch render and traditional roughcast with a little more information on each one.

Signs You Need To Replace Your Roof

Just like the other parts of a house, your roof also undergoes wear and tear. If you can identify some of the earliest signs of an ageing roof and do the needful immediately, you will undoubtedly save up on a lot. However, certain signs would indicate a necessary replacement of the roof. Some of these signs are:

*Multiple leaking spots

*A considerable number of missing tiles on the roof

*Mould or moss infestation on the surface of the roof

*Saggy under-roof decking

*Loose flashings around the chimneys or vents across the roof

Signs You Need To Replace Your Roughcast

Same as a roof, there will be tell-tale signs by your roughcasting that would indicate re-roughcasting or replacement. Some of the most commonly noticeable signs are:

*An increase in the size of the brickwork

*Erosion on the surface of the wall

*Damage to the render


If you are not sure about the signs you see, you can book an appointment with a professional team who will do a thorough survey of your roughcasting and develop adequate solutions and a reasonable quote.

Reasons To Get Your Roof and Roughcast Done Together

It goes without saying that if you get both your roof replacement and re-roughcasting done simultaneously; you will be saving a lot of time. Whether you replace your roof or go for roughcasting, it might get a little difficult for the family to say inside. And this is why most people vacate the house during work. When you get both the re-roughcasting and roof replacement simultaneously, you will be saved the trouble of vacating your place twice.

Another added advantage of getting both the procedures done simultaneously is the overall money you save when you purchase materials in bulk from the same place. You also end up saving on the rental charges on equipment and wages for workforce. Most reputable roofing companies even offer discounted packages that include replacing the roof and the roughcasting at the same time.

External Roughcast & Rendering Options

External rendering is a coating applied to a building’s external walls. Roughcasting, pebble dash, acrylic and scratch render are the most popular types of render. The conventional render is made of cement, sand and lime, which acts as a breathable coating on the walls. It can basically be summed up as the smooth surfaces you see on the outside of a houses. However, with the advancement of time, cement was replaced by other materials, which resulted in waterproof and algae-resistant. Mixing colours with renders have also become quite a trend as it gives off a colourful finish to the surface it is applied on. Some of the options when it comes to rendering are as follows:

  • Acrylic Render: Acrylic renders are generally applied as a thin finishing coat to seal and enhance the underlying, pre-existing coat’s appearance. This render uses fibre in the mix, which gives a lasting and durable finish and prevents cracking of the surface. It can also be pre-coloured with any pigment to produce a vibrant finish.
  • Scratch Render:Scratch render is cement based render that integrates silicone materials, this provides an increased level of protection from water and liquid to the surface of your home. It does still however allow vapour to pass through your walls letting them breathe.
  • Roughcasting: Good old fashioned roughcast render, this is the most popular render option in Scotland and for good reason.

New Gutters and Roofline

We can supply and fit roofline products, including fascias, soffits and guttering alongside and new roofs or roughcasting jobs. Due to lack high demand and lack of time roofline is not available as a stand alone product. uPVC roofline is essential for any property and add to the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. Therefore it is important to invest in quality uPVC gutters and roofline products that will stand the test of time. You can do your own research on roofline products and feel free to consult our professional crew with any of your questions.


Cost of a New Roof and Roughcast

All professional roofing and roughcasting companies in Glasgow tend to have similar rates. Our prices are very competitive with other professional firms but obviously we can’t be expected to compete with “white van men” we would however warn you against using such individuals for such a large home improvement. A specific quote can only be given after a home visit to allow our team to discuss all of the particulars with you. To give an approximate cost, a new roof could cost anywhere between £4k to £40k, whereas the cost for new roughcasting would stand anywhere in between £2k to £10k depending upon the square meterage and the size of your house.

Experienced Roofers and Roughcasters

Experienced roofers and roughcasters will never cut corners when it comes to full house roofing and roughcasting solutions. When making a such a large home improvement investment, the best thing you can do to protect yourself is look at the companies customer reviews and pictures of previous work before you decide on hiring anyone. A professional crew will discuss with you in details the different roofing and roughcasting solutions available for your home. 

Roughcasting Glasgow are always happy to discuss projects with you in detail please give us a call on 0141 473 4880 or complete our short contact form below.

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