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Roughcasting Glasgow is in partnership with M & C Solutions (Lanarkshire) Ltd who have over 30 years roughcasting and plastering experience.

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What is Roughcast?

Roughcast is a layer of render with aggregates like rocks, pebbles and various other elements mixed in that is used to cover exterior walls of buildings. Unlike paint which gives a smooth but often bland appearance, Roughcast provides a coarse outlook. Roughcast mixes in materials like small pebbles, gravel, shell or glass with plaster or concrete, which results in the coarse appearance.By adding pebbles and rocks, the Roughcast render holds itself much more effectively between voids, resulting in less shrinkage when curing.

When compared with paint, Roughcast is more durable and has a pleasing appeal to the eye. The reason why more and more people are gravitating towards Roughcasting their walls is because it provides better protection than paint whilst having a better appearance.  Having a rough surface with colorful stones orating each square inch, that is something that paint cannot match.

Why choose Roughcast?

A good coat of the Roughcast with the right amount of stones can stay on the wall for decades without requiring any sort of maintenance. The key here is to choose a reliable Roughcasting service like ours. We prepare the Roughcast using the right amount of binding material and Roughcast aggregates.Roughcast isn’t just an exterior coat that adds a different look to the building, but protective layer on the bricks that you can count on. We understand how important it is for a home or building to have an eye-catching exterior, hence customization is also a very important part of Roughcasting.

Once a rich mixture of Roughcast is applied on the wall, it will dry to become a very hard and binding layer can take on the full force of the elements. It does a very good job at protecting the brick from any kind of outside moisture.A good coat of Roughcast can last decades without maintenance, which brings us to the next point!

Save BIG on Maintenance, for decades!

As we discussed, Roughcast can go without maintenance for decades. The same cannot be said about a painted surface.

A pained exterior wall will be heavily worn out by the elements within just a few years. Hence, if you want to keep your walls looking new, you are looking at one repaint every 3 years. Roughcasting covers the outside walls of your home with natural materials like rocks, pebbles, shells, glass, etc. These materials do not undergo weathering like paint. You can count on Roughcasting to hold up to the extreme weather of the UK with no signs of distress.

The ultra-low-cost maintenance of Roughcast appeals to anyone who looks at their homes or buildings as pure investments. Premature maintenance of Roughcasting can arise from various factors, the most notorious culprit being a flawed job in the first place.Leave the Roughcasting job to professionals like us so the project is done right from the first step, eliminating the requirement for premature maintenance.

Suited for modern homes

Roughcasting dates back to the early 1500’s and as years progressed, Paint took on more popularity.

However, now we know that paint is nowhere as reliable as Roughcasting and its manufacturing process is not particularly forgiving to nature, in other words, paints are not eco-friendly.

Advancements in Roughcasting have now made it possible to apply the mixture using machines rather than by hand. This makes the application process very easy and cuts down the project duration by a significant margin.By adding lime into the mix, Roughcasting absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during the curing process. The lime also enables the Roughcast to expand and contract based on the weather conditions, adding another the reason why Roughcast is much more resilient to wear when compared with paint.

Modern homes are all about sustainability, where we make the most out of less. And Roughcasting is a future proof method of protecting your home where you don’t have to spend resources every few years to make your home or a building look great.More and more homes and buildings around the world are now preferring Roughcasting for its sustainability and low maintenance costs. if you wish to have a modern building, certainly consider Roughcasting for its walls.

Best for commercial applications

Roughcasting is certainly a popular option for homes, however, when we trace its roots to its early use, it becomes clear that Roughcasting was intended more for commercial buildings rather than housing.

With commercial buildings, the owners wanted an exterior that makes an impression but doesn’t cost them too much every few years for maintenance. Roughcasting is the obvious choice as it kept the structure looking smart for years without showing any signs of wear.

For commercial buildings, every penny that you put in for its beautification results in more investment that doesn’t get you any returns. Roughcasting protects your building from the elements and doesn’t cost you a fortune in the long run.   Any building can make use of Roughcasting to create amazing looking walls and you can have peace of mind that it is going to last years to come.

Roughcast aggregates

In the past, Roughcasting aggregates consisted of materials like rocks and pebbles. Roughcasting meets the demands of modern customers who pay meticulous attention to the aesthetics of a building.Nowadays, Roughcasting includes visually appealing aggregates like glass and colorful pebbles so give the building a unique look. You can even customize the color of lime so that the binding material will be off the same color.

Roughcast aggregates come in a variety of colors, giving you more options when it comes to the final look of the building. Aggregates like rounded glasses and colored pebbles bring in a unique hue that changes with the outside lighting. If your building needs to stay different, then Roughcasting has got your covered!  

You can also choose to hide Roughcasting aggregates with a coat of paint. Then you will have the protection of Roughcasting with the customizability of paint.

The beauty is in the details

Unlike regular render, Roughcasting render uses large materials in its mix. Hence, the consistency of the mixture is of paramount importance. Without the right consistency, sagging can occur during the drying process, and this will lead to undesirable results.

The other factor to keep in mind Roughcasting is the thickness of the coat. No one spot should be thicker than the other as it would lead to visible imperfections that will ruin the whole look.We follow very strict measures when Roughcasting to ensure that every single coat is laid perfectly without any sagging or inconsistencies. We ensure that each coat has a uniform spread free from imperfections. By using modern methods in processes like mixing and application, we keep errors to an absolute minimum.

Since we have experienced supervisors on site, any roadblocks will be sorted out as soon as they arise. They are trained to keep the team performing well and oversee all the critical operations. With experts at the helm of each project, you can trust us to bring you the best Roughcasting services in the UK.

How are we different

Roughcasting is a job that requires precision at every step. Everything from the quantity of each ingredient to the mixing process must be carefully supervised in order to achieve the best finish.

Our team consists of experienced supervisors and workers who will first survey the site to create a plan for the project.The approaches taken for Roughcasting a new building and for a building that has some years to it are different. The condition of the wall will be of primary importance as it will help us understand what kind of prepping is needed to create the best possible outcome.You can choose the color or the type of Roughcasting aggregates that goes into making the final finish. Since there are many options in both color and aggregate variants, you can let us know your requirements and we will ensure the perfect execution.

Want the best, Choose us!

Roughcasting does provide you years of protection with minimal or no maintenance. Like we discussed, the key to such reliability comes from the very first step. We are well-equipped to handle even the toughest of jobs.

When you entrust us with a project, you can expect the best. we pay meticulous care right from the materials that we use to the final curing preparations. When you need the best Roughcasting job, you can count on us!

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